PunchPRO Users

We encourage the entire team to use PunchPRO to maximize time and cost savings.

If one of the groups listed below owns the punch list software we allow the other team remembers to use it for free. We know
when all groups have immediate access to the punch list; sorted by trade, room # or room name everyone is a winner.



When the Architect or Designer creates the punch list the GC/CM AND the subs know immediately which items they need to
address. The Architects and Designers can follow the “completion” of tasks online and save time going to the field.



The GC/CM usually prepares a “running” punch list toward the end of the project. Using PunchPRO eliminates the need for multiple lists. Therefore, the Architects and Designers can follow the completion of tasks online while signing off items as they are completed.



The trades get a triple bonus. You can use PunchPRO to make your “to-do” lists. When the work is completed in a room, the GC/CM to mark it “complete”. This helps you get paid faster by allowing you to document and prove the completion of your work.

How PunchPRO Works For You


  • Save time and improve quality
  • No more running back and forth to the jobsite to track issues
  • Look good to the client
  • No admin work after leaving jobsite (which will save valuable time)
  • Quicker transmittal of punch list to contractor
  • Ability to take photos and associate them with items
  • Better documented communications between team members
  • Reporting capabilities and performance tracking


  • Track problems faster
  • Better documented communications
  • Get hired for “day 2 work”
  • Get recommended and referred by architects
  • Keep a running “to do” list
  • Assign tasks to subs
  • Document completion of tasks
  • Look good to client
  • Consolidate all punch list into one
  • Can see architects punch list immediately
  • No additional admin work
  • Reporting capabilities and performance traking


  • Track all projects in one place
  • Keep up to date on contractor/subs performance
  • Report on projects across the board
  • Communicate more efficiently with contractor/consultants
  • Better documented communications


  • Quicker distribution of issues to manufacturer
  • Track all projects in one place
  • Look good to client
  • Look good to architects/contractors
  • No admin work post punch list
  • Standardized language for less duplication
  • Ability to take photos and associate them with items
  • Better documented communications


  • Track all projects in one place
  • No admin work
  • Better documented communications
  • Track and report by trade
  • Continuous PL throughout life of job
  • Immediate notification of WTC


  • Consolidate project and items in one place
  • Learn why items are on the list
  • Keep team and client on the same page