Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the question you need answered, please give us a call at 877-238-1809

What is unique about PunchPRO?
PunchPRO is much more than a fantastic app to do your punch list. We have 5 sections:

  1. You can keep all your Plans in PunchPRO during the all the design phases.
    All others on the team can also view those plans.
  2. When its “Punch List Time” your info is in the system and you’re ready to roll. Engaging the client is especially important so they know when everything will be finished.
  3. Don’t think of Close-Out as the end of the project – think of it as the beginning of the next project. The way the team “finishes” says worlds about the way the client feels about your service – FINISH STRONG with our Close-Out module.
  4. Move-In is stressful for all clients and their employees. Use your Plans with Names and easily document employee help tickets like you were doing a punch list.
  5. CAP X Budget Planning is done in the fall by larger companies to list all the capital improvements planned for the next year. PunchPRO has a module to do this. Done well, the list of work should represent a good backlog of work for the consultants for the next year.

If my firm has PunchPRO do the other team members need a subscription?
Great question, only one team member needs to have PunchPRO on a project. All the others can work off your subscription for free. For instance, if you are a contractor then the architect, engineers, furniture folks, food service, client, etc. can piggyback your subscription and prepare their punch lists for your review – then follow up the subs completion of work.

Do you have a free trial period?
NO — We have found if a company is interested in PunchPRO we would rather give them as much support as they need to be successful and if they are still not satisfied they can have a full money back refund.

How much does it cost?
We charge based on the number of projects you keep active. We have three levels of pricing.

    1. If you keep up to 10 active projects the cost is $295 per month – paid yearly
    2. If you keep up to 20 active projects the cost is $395 per month – paid yearly
    3. If you would like unlimited active projects the cost is $595 per month – paid yearly

Please keep in mind you can take projects off to stay within the pricing limits.
Our Pricing also includes:

      • Unlimited Users
      • Unlimited Storage
      • Unlimited Help

How many modules do we get with a subscription?
We currently have 12 modules developed and are developing more all the time. With the P10 or P20 you get your selection of 4 modules. With the Unlimited you get your choice of 8 modules.

What if our company wants to develop a Custom/Branded module?
If we help you develop a custom module and you permit us to resell it to others then there is no additional cost. On the other hand, if we develop a custom module just for your company that we can’t sell to others then we may have a small charge.

What are the main reasons I should buy PunchPRO?
Huge time savings, better quality “to-do” lists, happier client, more apt to have repeat business and greater marketing opportunities

Can we add photos to work items?
Yes, you can add photos plus you can add comments/notes. When you run the .pdf report the photos are fully integrated in the report.

Can our entire company use PunchPRO?
Absolutely! There is no limit on users — actually, you can also have the entire construction team use PunchPRO under your license!

Who uses PunchPRO?
Architects, designers, contractors and subs, owner’s reps, project managers and certainly the client.

What services do you provide?
Standard services are Web Training and Ongoing Support
We can also do training in your office with the project team or do actual training on the jobsite. We charge $95 per hour for the on-site training and get reimbursed for travel related expenses.

Do you need Wi-Fi to use PunchPRO?
PunchPRO projects are set up in your Web application – usually in the office – then the iPad is sync’d to include all the projects. If you are in the field without connectivity you can still do your punch list then sync up when you get back to the office or when you have connectivity.

What if we have more questions?
Call us! 877-238-1809 we are more than happy to speak with you.