PunchPRO Modules

Each punch list module contains 30+ years of construction industry experience into easy to use groups of work to complete items. Click on the categories below to see what’s inside.

Why Modules? Here’s the Story…

It all started with CPG Architects approaching Link Systems to develop a mobile app to improve the way construction punch lists were prepared. The familiar way of walking the job with pad, pencil, camera and a set of floppy plans just didn’t cut it anymore for CPG. The functionality, UI, needed to enable the user be more effective and the reports to be easy to modify for all the users.

Link also realized that each member of the team required a different and specific set of tools to complete their check list in the most efficient way possible. Viewing competitive products it became apparent that just automating the manual process was not enough. In our process we were not looking to design the app to be what’s next – we looked to design what comes after what comes next.


It became obvious, after a few tests, that the product would best meet the needs of all team members, not just the architects and contractors, if it was designed with fully defined modules and the experience in the field was enhanced to avoid typing.

We wanted to build APP so that when a customer used PunchPRO they could get started right away with their plans, team list and trade specific items preloaded in the program. These preloaded items allow for better tracking and streamlined reporting both of which elevate your punch list to a learning tool not just a tracking tool.

Not only were a series of specific modules built, described below, the APP was designed to include features not included in other products. PunchPRO also includes the ability for all team members to:

  • Share their Plans with each other.
  • Take Photos that are automatically aligned with the issues.
  • Send out Reports in excel or .pdf sorted by building, floor, trade or assignee.
  • Use the Close-Out Module to provide a much better client experience.
  • During Move-In PunchPRO can be used to document employee/facility issues.
  • When it’s time for the client to prepare their capital budgets for next near PunchPRO has a CAP X Budget Module that the Architect and Contractor can use to prepare a professional list of what’s necessary to do and what would be nice to do.